*Amy* (gummi_girl04) wrote,

so i havent been on here in forever. and everytime i had been before it has simply been to bitch. well. time for a non bitchy livejournal update (shocking).

so. i am working at the Knoxville Opera now. I think most everyone knows that...but I don't think I've ever said anything on here about it. It's a great job. I love it...and I love the people. And I'm hoping it will either turn into something permanant or help me get something permanant somewhere else when I graduate. :) Anyway...La Boheme was about a month ago and it was so so so good. Carmen is coming up in May along with the Rossini Festival which is this huge Italian street fair thing we do. :) Should be fun! I got Rob to go with me to Boheme and he wants to go to Carmen too...I think I may just be culturing him! hehe

School's going good. On Spring Break now which kicks ass. Midterms were hellish. But...I am still taking violin lessons and getting so much better and really enjoying it now instead of dreading it. which is always very nice...ear training is going better which is good also. I'm taking modern dance too which is way fun. I missed doing some sort of dance, and it counts towards my major, so whats better than that? Other classes...Theory, World Music, and French. No real complaints except that my theory teacher is an ass. But anyway...school is pretty fabulous.

The boyfriend is fabulous as well. I love him. A whole lot. Defenitely the best relationship I've ever been in (especially compared to that last one...ick). So...things are going well. I like it. We just went to Gatlingburg a few weekends ago and that was nice. Going up to Ohio in a couple days to spend some time and see...the Goo Goo Dolls! yay! :) did I mention from the 6th row??? AND that I won passes to the Meet and Greet! well, I did! :D (very excited) I hope we get to go out a little too, I haven't been able to go out in Cincy since I've been 21 yet! Maybe we'll go drink green beer somewhere on Saturday. Even though I hate beer...but its GREEN!

what else...well, the only bad thing really right now is that I am still in my unfortunate apartment. Actually, the apartment is lovely, but I cannot stand living with the people I live with...and haven't been able to stand it for many many months. Jennifer is a nice girl, and I love her...but living with her...not the best idea. meh. and i cannot find anyone to sublet it...I even spent $60 on a classified ad. :( But...only a few more months, at most, then I can move in to my own apartment and live by myself! (except maybe Rob will be there a lot...) It will be great. I can't wait.

Well, I guess that's the main stuff. I should probably get back to work, huh? yeah...I'm going to do that...

leave me comments! if you're still alive!
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