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do you take your parents for granted? sometimes
do you take your siblings for granted? i dont have any..
do you enjoy sitting down for dinner with your family? sure
do you actually do this? sometimes
does your family go to church together? no
which is better, your mom's side or your dad's side? my moms
are you the youngest, oldest, etc? all!
does your family get along? mostly
have any of your family members died? grandparents..and my dad
do you say goodnight to your family before you go to bed? no
do you respect your parents? yes
do they respect you? yes
is anyone in your family famous? lol i dont think so
do you look more like your mom or your dad? my mom

Who would you consider your closest (not necessarily best) friend? Melissa
Are your friends predictable? sometimes
Are they dependable? the good ones
Are they perceptive? the good ones!
Do you share common interests with your friends? yes
Do you and your friends dress the same? not really
Do you talk the same? we can
Are they the kind of friends you can burp, fart, pee, + snort in front of? i dont like to pee in front of anyone...
Do you sleep in the same bed together at sleep-overs? yes!
If you were in trouble, would your friends help you or let you handle it? a few would always always help me...some wont
Who is someone that you wish you were really good friends with? um
Do you and your friends pop each other's pimples? sick
Which friend have you been with for the longest consecutive amount of time? Melissa
Do you love your friends? of course

If love is really what you think it is, have you been in love? i think so
Why is it that women who are beaten still think they're in love? love has nothing to do with it
Does love really hurt? yes
Does true love ever fade? it can
How many people have you had sex with? um
How many of those people did you fake an orgasm with? haha
Can you get by without sex? lol yes
Joke around while having sex, or is it a serious matter of consequence? it doesnt always have to be serious
Do you regret losing your virginity to the person that you did? no
Is sex important to a relationship? in a way
What are the five most important things in having a healthy relationship? trust, comfort, security (in the relationship), understanding, compatibiliy
Do you regret your last relationship? i regret how long it lasted
Do you truly get along with the person you are with now? yes
Could you/Have you ever had a successful relationship with a good friend? have i? no

Does your favorite movie reflect the way you live out your life? no...im not a french hooker
Do people associate certain songs/musicians/lyrics with you? im sure...goo goo dolls especially
What is your favorite style of dance? i love most of it
Is your favorite book one you chose to read or one assigned to you? chose
Does television actually entertain you? some
Do you enjoy going to the theater? YES
Would you rather stay at home and watch a movie or go see one? generally go out...but staying in is nice a lot of the time
What is the best live performance you have ever seen? Anti Flag- best live show ever
Where do you spend most of your free time? in my apartment...or at Rob's
If you play a sport, do you really enjoy it? yes...why would i play something i hate?
Who is your favorite composer of all time? i love Debussy
Do you look like what you listen to? i dont think so
Do you spend a good chunk of your day on the computer? yes
Would you rather watch a movie/tv, listen to music, play a sport, or read? listen to music

Final Three:
Are you living out your life the way you truly want to? for now...im working on things
Are you a good friend/son/daughter/student/mother/father/...person? i think so
Will you reach the goals you have set for yourself? yes
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