*Amy* (gummi_girl04) wrote,

Tonight at the Opera House in Toronto! I guess this can be called the first show of the tour. Our new cd comes out in two weeks, and tonight will be the first time we play new material in front of a club audience. This should prove to be a really cool night.
We've been in Toronto for a few days, doing press and having our last couple of production rehearsals before tonight's show. Everybody's excited to finally be at this point again. I hope everybody enjoys the show, and hopefully we'll get to see everybody at a show sometime soon.
So until then, stay happy! Thanks!

that was the latest post in the Goo Goo Doll's blog on their new site. so...i think it is a sign. they are telling me to stay happy, and well...if theyre telling me to then i must! ok. :)

speaking of them though...everyone should go to the site and check out the new single "Stay With You". its amazing. and the video premiers on yahoo tomorrow AND the new album comes out on the 25th! EXCITING! :D

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