*Amy* (gummi_girl04) wrote,

so...ive been doing a lot of thinking lately and come to a conclusion. now this conclusion is not simply based on things that have happened to me recently...ive been contemplating this for a long time. but i think that i honestly do not believe in that perfect person for everyone. first of all...there are 52% women in the world, thus only 48% men. this leaves 4% of the population (all women) alone. its just a simple fact. and this is the lowest that percentage can be. i do believe that two people can fall deeply in love and spend their entire lives together. ive seen it, my grandparents were that way, before my grandpa died. which brings me to my next point. love is fleeting, not eternal. it always ends somewhere. everyone i know has lost that someone they were deeply in love with far too soon, in my opinion. it happened to my mom, a lot of my friends, and me. i believe that to be with someone and make a lasting relationship you must, of course, compromise. there are always going to be things about a person that you will not like, or will not want to deal with. there will never be one person, for anyone, who has no faults in their eyes or is perfect. perfection is an illusion, with everything. also, i remember having a conversation with Janet, at work over Chirstmas i believe, it may have been summer....anyway, she presented something to my attention that i now believe more than ever is true. love is never unconditional. there will always be things that will make you leave a person and yes, ultimately not love them. this is true with anyone. like she said, no matter how much she loved her husband, if he ever cheated on her, that would be the end. and eventually she would move on. like we all do. now...i realize that this post seems very cynical and pessimisstic to everyone who happens to be reading it. but...its not. its that truth. the truth that i strongly believe after many years of contimplating it. there is no perfect person for everyone. i do not believe in "the one" and i defenitely do not believe in love at first sight. love is work. a relationship is work. when a person is lucky enough to find someone who fits pretty well with them and they both take the incentive to work through their differences and the things that may bother them about each other, then i believe they can have an amazing, and lasting relationship. but i do not believe that a good relationship can ever be possible without this type of work, compromise, and understanding. so i think we all, me especially need to focus on that. im not going to sit around and wait for mr. right to come along. however, i am not going to give up on my morals and beliefs and settle with someone who doesnt deserve me. but...i think right now it is comforting to know that all the things you see in movies is not true and will never be true. people make movies so you enjoy them. if they told it how life really was no one would watch them. i think people really need to start realizing this. the media has given us so many false beliefs. beliefs that women need to reach a look of perfection that is obviously unobtainable, the belief that no matter how poor or unfortunate you were early in life you could be a millionare, and of course the belief of "the one" and this unconditonal love. im sorry for all who read this and get upset. i know i am being very harsh. but i am speaking what i believe to be the truth. and honestly, once i accept this i know i will feel much better about everything and eventually it will make the heartache and complications of life easier. and i believe this to be true of anyone who takes this advice. the end.
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