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5 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[13 Mar 2007|03:01pm]
so i havent been on here in forever. and everytime i had been before it has simply been to bitch. well. time for a non bitchy livejournal update (shocking).

so. i am working at the Knoxville Opera now. I think most everyone knows that...but I don't think I've ever said anything on here about it. It's a great job. I love it...and I love the people. And I'm hoping it will either turn into something permanant or help me get something permanant somewhere else when I graduate. :) Anyway...La Boheme was about a month ago and it was so so so good. Carmen is coming up in May along with the Rossini Festival which is this huge Italian street fair thing we do. :) Should be fun! I got Rob to go with me to Boheme and he wants to go to Carmen too...I think I may just be culturing him! hehe

School's going good. On Spring Break now which kicks ass. Midterms were hellish. But...I am still taking violin lessons and getting so much better and really enjoying it now instead of dreading it. which is always very nice...ear training is going better which is good also. I'm taking modern dance too which is way fun. I missed doing some sort of dance, and it counts towards my major, so whats better than that? Other classes...Theory, World Music, and French. No real complaints except that my theory teacher is an ass. But anyway...school is pretty fabulous.

The boyfriend is fabulous as well. I love him. A whole lot. Defenitely the best relationship I've ever been in (especially compared to that last one...ick). So...things are going well. I like it. We just went to Gatlingburg a few weekends ago and that was nice. Going up to Ohio in a couple days to spend some time and see...the Goo Goo Dolls! yay! :) did I mention from the 6th row??? AND that I won passes to the Meet and Greet! well, I did! :D (very excited) I hope we get to go out a little too, I haven't been able to go out in Cincy since I've been 21 yet! Maybe we'll go drink green beer somewhere on Saturday. Even though I hate beer...but its GREEN!

what else...well, the only bad thing really right now is that I am still in my unfortunate apartment. Actually, the apartment is lovely, but I cannot stand living with the people I live with...and haven't been able to stand it for many many months. Jennifer is a nice girl, and I love her...but living with her...not the best idea. meh. and i cannot find anyone to sublet it...I even spent $60 on a classified ad. :( But...only a few more months, at most, then I can move in to my own apartment and live by myself! (except maybe Rob will be there a lot...) It will be great. I can't wait.

Well, I guess that's the main stuff. I should probably get back to work, huh? yeah...I'm going to do that...

leave me comments! if you're still alive!

When you're around.
[07 Jun 2006|05:58pm]
damn....i really do only type here to complain. hmm. anyway...

im sitting at Rob's....in the computer room...alone. after class this morning i took a nap then got up and got ready and got here around 430. (he didnt wake up until about 330) anyway...i knew they had practice today so i wasnt going to come over until after...but he said he wanted me to...so...i did. i figured we could spend a little time together before. so..i come over and he's sitting in here editing one of their videos or whatever and i figure alright...ill make a facebook event for the show on friday. so i do, and i add like 150 people, and it takes forever, and....hes still not done. just sitting over there editing this thing...has barely said two words to me and ive been here a while. so then i start messing with Flash trying to figure it out (we're trying to make this website thing) and i sit here and hes still just over there....then everyone else gets here and now hes out there about to practice i guess. now....i realize this is probably going to sound selfish and i hate that, but....why did he tell me to come over if he was going to be busy the entire time and we were just going to sit here, not talking to each other? i dont get it. and this happens all the time. i mean, i guess he figures us sitting in the same room doing completly different things and not interacting at all is spending significant time together? i dont know...but i do know that i had several things to do today while i was at my apartment that i didnt do so i could come over here and spend some time with him before practice. i need to clean, do laundry, and go buy my book for my summer class...i really need to clean since Melissa and my mom will be here in two days...but....i didnt. and im not nessicarily mad...just...disappointed i guess. i just dont get it. it would have been completely fine for him to say, hey...i have stuff to do today ill call you when im done and we can hang out. instead...i came over and sat here and we have said about 5 words total to each other in two hours. and like i said...im not mad....im just a little bothered and pretty bored now. i dont know what im supposed to do for the next two hours while theyre practicing. i really dont want to sit in this little room any longer and be bored. hmm.

anyway...i dont mean to make it out like Rob is some terrible boyfriend or whatever. hes not. hes great. i love how things are going. this is just something that at the moment is bothering me...and since i have nothing else to do but sit and think about it, i wrote a livejournal.

in other news....i started my classes this week and i think they are going to be very bareable. ear training isnt realy a class...i just have to go in and pass the tests withing a month and a half. since i already passed the class part and the sight singing i dont have to do that over. and since i had passed every test but one before it should be relatively easy. and theory i think will be easy as well. the teacher is much nicer and much more fun than the last. and she decided we arent going to have class on fridays so that kicks ass. and...i seem to pick up on this stuff rather well, so yay. :)

work is going well also. i love borders...i love the people...i love my job. :)

like i said before...Melissa and my mom are coming down on Friday and i am sooooo excited! i miss Melissa so much and i hate that i couldnt be home this summer. but even with taking classes this summer im worried i wont get everything done in time...anyway. im excited. its been too freakin long. AND they both get to see Letters To Scarlet play at Blue Cats which is extremely exciting. i cant wait.

ok then...i have run out of things to talk about and they havent even started practicing yet. meh. maybe ill go to the mall and spend more money i dont need to. sounds good to me. feel free to call and chat! haha.

When you're around.
[29 May 2006|12:33am]
alright so....i just realized that i never update this anymore...also...whenever i do...its about depressing shit. so....brace yourselves...i am going to type a completely positive journal! and its all going to be true too...(which is the best part). anyway...

so...ive been working at Borders now for about a month and a half and i love it. absolutly love it. its different than Waldens....bigger, computers are different, but its the same. the people there are the same...the same type i mean. just good, nice, really great people. and i know im good at my job. and uh...i make money, so thats nice. :) AND im actually saving...i have a savings account and about $400 i havent touched. thats good for me. :) so yay.

also...things with Rob are going well. i think ive defenitely calmed down since the last journal i wrote. i dont know what that was all about...i mean, i do...but i was just being overdramatic. i know...i never do that...haha. but...things are good. its just...relaxed, i guess. i dont really know the word. its completly the opposite of paul actually. which is good. lol. anyway....i just needed to let people know that...i was reading back and i make it sound like things are awful and blah blah. but thats so far from the truth. theyre great. hes great. so yay. :)

um....summer classes start on june 5th. not looking too forward to that, but its ok. i like knoxville. i like being here. which is suprising. i do miss home a lot. and i miss my friends terribly. but i have to take classes...and i know i can live here and be happy. at least for now. but...i need to go home soon. i miss people. too too much.

the band plays at Blue Cats here in Knoxville in two weeks. which is very very exciting...its like knoxville's equivilent to Bogarts.....so its awesome. im excited. and happy for them. :)

see...happy journal. wasnt that nice? i thought so. :D

When you're around.
[15 May 2006|11:42pm]
i was your anger, you were my fearCollapse )

3 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[26 Apr 2006|10:36am]
i am in a really horrible mood right now. and i know most of you dont want to hear it...so....

voilaCollapse )

im glad i have this thing...so i can just....type...talk about everything that no one wants to listen to. yay for livejournal. but boo for sucky feelings. alright....off to class.

When you're around.
[19 Apr 2006|03:25pm]
maybe if i were hotter, and you were smarter...then we could be, just like the moviesCollapse )

When you're around.
[17 Apr 2006|10:53am]
1. yourself: tired

2. your lover: Rob..

3. your hair: red!

4. your mother: Ohio

5. your father: missed

6. your favorite item: computer

7. your dream last night: nope

8. your favorite drink: lattes

9. your dream house: eh

10. the room you are in: lab

11. your pet: boo

12. who you are now: better

13. who do you want to be in ten years: successful

14. what you want to be in ten years: happy

15. what you're not: hopeless

16. your best friend: melissa

17. one of your wishlist items: shoes

18. your gender: female

19. the last thing you did: drank (water!)

20. what you are wearing: hollister

21. your favorite weather: snow

22. your favorite book: punk

23. the last thing you ate: bread

24. your life: better

25. your mood: bored

so. i have to stop drinking espresso, caffiene, and chocolate because i have a potential ulcer or something. at least, thats what my mom says. and from what i know i have all the symptoms. its been hurting terribly off and on for the past week. meh...sucks since im addicted to caffiene and just bought four pints of raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. haha. oh well...

its scorching in this room.

When you're around.
[16 Apr 2006|08:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so ive decided that im not going to lock my journals anymore. i dont see the point. and i honestly dont care who reads anything i say anymore. so...yeah.

came home this weekend for easter, which was awesome. last time i was home it was boring as hell, but this time rocked. i went to UC to see Mike with Melissa on Friday night. it rained...it poured...then it flooded. but it was fun! defenitely great to hang out with those two again. then last night i went to the Levee with Melissa and Katrina and that was awesome as well. :) i missed my friends. and now i miss them again. this summer is going to be awesome when im home. cant wait.

had easter lunch at my grandmas today. it was good to see her too. i love her to death. i think shes the family member that i am most like...yeah. anyway, it was great to hang out with a little family.

then...i headed back to knoxville around 330, after i stopped and got 4 pints of Graeters ice cream to take back with me! hehe. and now...im at Robs...and hes talking on the phone. he needs to hurry and get off. haha...i just realized how that sounded. anyway....really...we need to talk. im not totally sure whats going on right now...and im not totally sure how he feels. actually, im not totally sure how i feel. we just...need to talk. yeah.

hmm...i dont have too much work this week. but the next two after that will be terrible with finals and everything. but...i can handle it. at least...i hope. lol...i found out i have the beginning of an ucler..from stress...thats not good. but...everything will calm down in a few weeks. so...i look forward to that.

ok...i think thats all i really have to say. cept....check out the Goo's new stuff. as always. www.googoodolls.com :)

1 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[12 Apr 2006|11:45pm]
Tonight at the Opera House in Toronto! I guess this can be called the first show of the tour. Our new cd comes out in two weeks, and tonight will be the first time we play new material in front of a club audience. This should prove to be a really cool night.
We've been in Toronto for a few days, doing press and having our last couple of production rehearsals before tonight's show. Everybody's excited to finally be at this point again. I hope everybody enjoys the show, and hopefully we'll get to see everybody at a show sometime soon.
So until then, stay happy! Thanks!

that was the latest post in the Goo Goo Doll's blog on their new site. so...i think it is a sign. they are telling me to stay happy, and well...if theyre telling me to then i must! ok. :)

speaking of them though...everyone should go to the site and check out the new single "Stay With You". its amazing. and the video premiers on yahoo tomorrow AND the new album comes out on the 25th! EXCITING! :D


4 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[12 Apr 2006|10:26am]
most may not want to read thisCollapse )

When you're around.
[03 Mar 2006|10:38am]
hello...what i am about to post is incredibly important...and as my friends, you should all please go and do what i ask. so...my band, Letters To Scarlet, is on this site where they are competing to play a few dates on the Warped Tour this summer. So...you all should defenitely defenitely go to this link and listen to their songs. You can listen to them two times, every day and have them count, also...you MUST listen to each song ALL THE WAY THROUGH. so please...if you love me, like me, or even hate me....go. they are amazing and they need support. thank you. :D


oh...and you should add them on myspace!


When you're around.
[18 Jan 2005|06:48pm]

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I found my lost appeciation for people of the opposite gender.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

25 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[24 Jul 2003|05:34pm]

From now on my Journal will be *Friends Only*

1. Add me as a friend, I will most likely add you back.
2. Leave.

Also...I would just like to remind you of a few things...

1. This is my journal and I can and will write what I want.
2. I will not censor my journal for other people, you do not have to read it, I'm not forcing you to, I swear.
3.If you leave me stupid hateful comments, I will return the favor and delete you.

Ok then....very sorry I have to write all that, but some people just dont seem to understand. Anyway...I will get around to locking all my journals Friends Only, but for now all journals after this will be locked


6 Can't fucking stand it| When you're around.
[22 Jun 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | good ]

short but sweetCollapse )

When you're around.
[25 May 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | sad ]

im gonna post this in my community too but i just felt the need to post here too....*sigh* this song is soooooo me right now.

If you're not the oneCollapse )

wow..this song explains everything so very very well.....*tear*

When you're around.
[24 May 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i just wanted to say thanks to melissa for going out with me last nite and talking and making me feel better. :) last nite was a good nite.

oh! they have dnl in the little cans! eek! :D

When you're around.
[24 May 2003|11:27am]
*sniff* why does it have to be the one person i know i can never be with....:'(

When you're around.
[22 May 2003|10:45pm]
i have this intense sinking feeling in my heart that just wont go away...ugh..why is this happening. its not supposed to be this way. "if you said the word, i would be yours" you have absolutly no idea how much you mean to me.....and i dream of you every nite....


When you're around.
[22 May 2003|01:46pm]
[ mood | weird ]

im in a very weird state of mind today....very moody. not like constantly jumping at people moody...just....moody. like i was in a pretty good mood to start out with then i got really sad cuz i was thinking about....things....so then im like depressed and stuff and im walking through the hall and i see christian and i seriously got so mad. like nothing happened, we didnt talk or look at each other or anything but i just got really mad. i couldve like screamed at the top of my lungs at him right there. but yeah...then i went to second block and i was in like a pretty peppy hyper mood. lol....then third i was tired and just kinda sat there and now im still pretty blah....hmm....i dont understand. weird. oh well...ill deal. sorry for my journal last nite....things are just pretty screwed up right now, but theyll be ok. cuz i have my best friend ever to help me through it, and i know he'll never leave me. :)so yeah...band after school today then try outs for captain. i hope my dance works out...so yeah, gonna go now. hope everyone has a good day! :)

oh and yes....clay shouldve won. but i still love him...and his cd will sell circles around rubens. :)

When you're around.
[21 May 2003|11:58pm]
hell yes...i just made up my dance in like 30 minutes...and its even cute. go me! :)

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